Traditional Essence of Chicken  熬雞精 (純雞口味)-商品介紹

Traditional Essence of Chicken 熬雞精 (純雞口味)-商品介紹


Lao Xie Zhen innovate special stew-cooking progress since 1928, which allows micro-molecular nutrients (Collagen, Peptide, Amino acids etc.) to be fully extracted from the chickens. Moreover, the essence of chicken contains no preservative, MSG-free and Zero cholesterol which passed SGS and other food safety tests.
Aim for better, the best option for everyone who intend to refill energy and strength; premium ingredients, suitable for prenatal and postnatal mothers. Lao Xie Zhen essence of chicken unlock the potential with good nutrition.

12 Months Old Hens
Collaborating with Taiwan’s largest free-range chicken farm, only premium second-
generation hens that are at least 12 months old, which has the highest nutritional value
(Collagen, Peptide, Amino acids etc.) are used.

Special Stew-Cooking Progress
Advanced hydration technology to completely extract the nutrients from the chicken.
Chicken essence protein:8.8g|per 100ml
BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids):721.2mg|per 100ml

Stay healthy during pregnancy, the value of nutrients is relatively higher than other
essence of chicken brands that only putting on weight in a small pregnancy bump while
the rest of your body appears unchanged.

Top Grade Package
Directly imported from Japan, the patented four-layer opaque packaging (the last layer is
same as baby bottle) used to store the chicken essence ensures the nutrients are well



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