Welcome to Anini – where every product has a story, crafted with the love and care of a mother's touch.

About us

I came from Taiwan to this land of Oz,
Ten years ago, I was alone and lost.
But now, I have two children of my own,
They are my pride, my joy, my home.

I know the struggles of a mother's life,
The pain, the love, the sacrifice.
I want the best for me and mine,
Not the most expensive, but the most refined.

A Mother's Heartfelt Curation

I brought the finest brands to this land,
Each one tested and approved,
By myself and many other moms,
Who share the same values and views.

I hope you, as a future mother here,
Will also choose what we offer you,
To make your journey of motherhood
Comfortable, happy, and true.

One day, I asked my son for a name,
He said, "Mom, Anini is you."
Thank you, son, for naming my brand,
Anini, a wish come true.