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Baby Foods

Anini ensures every meal is delicious and healthy, giving parents peace of mind.


Matanity Pillow/ Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep in Comfort with Anini's Maternity Pillow during Pregnancy. It is also suitable for people who prefer side sleeping.

Chicken Essence

Pure Essence, Traditional Wisdom – Nourish Your Body with Every Drop.


BABY Silent Kangaroo Swaddle

Embrace Calmness: Your Baby's Cozy Retreat into Silent Slumber.


BABY One-Month Celebration Gift Box

Cherish the Moment – Hugsie's Perfect Gift for New Life.
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S-Size Maternity Pillow

Anini recommends Hugsie products for Australian customers. Hugsie has specially designed an S-size maternity pillow for moms-to-be under 158 cm tall. This pillow meets the various needs of petite moms when sleeping on their side, ensuring stable support for the back and belly even when turning over. The wide bottom design allows pregnant mothers to rest their legs on it, relieving pressure and improving nighttime cramps, significantly enhancing sleep quality.

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Maternity Pillow

Anini Maternity Pillow, proudly made in Taiwan, features chemical-free anti-mite fabric and SGS certification. Its patented ergonomic design with 8-in-1 versatility is essential for pregnancy and beyond, enhancing sleep quality. The U-shaped Anini Body Maternity Pillow offers full-body support with high-quality, hypoallergenic materials that reduce pressure points for a restful experience. Available in Australia, each pillow comes with replaceable and washable pillowcases for hygiene.

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Hugsie BABY Swaddle

Anini offers a handpicked selection of baby essentials, nurturing your precious little one with care. From cozy swaddles to adorable headbands, each product is chosen for safety and comfort to meet every growing need of your newborn. Let Anini accompany your baby's joyful growth and create sweet memories.

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Jing Man Tang

As the autumn and winter seasons arrive, Anini has selected beverages that will warm your body and soul. Pure bliss!

Autumn/Winter Beverage Selection


I came from Taiwan to this land of Oz. Ten years ago, I was alone and lost. But now, I have two children of my own. They are my pride, my joy, my home.

I know the struggles of a mother's life: the pain, the love, the sacrifice. I want the best for me and mine—not the most expensive, but the most refined.

Anini's Journey

Real Testimonials from Mums, Witnessing Anini's Careful Protection

Expectant Mum's Matters of Concern

What are some suitable choices for maternity gifts?

When giving gifts to expectant mothers, they should be thoughtful and practical, as well as heartfelt. Anini has specially curated a range of loving gift options for pregnancy and newborns. Whether it's a comfortable maternity pillow, a nourishing chicken essence, or an adorable and practical swaddle sleeping bag, Anini is a great choice. It is believed that receiving a gift from Anini, every expectant mother will feel the love and care.

Is the pregnancy pillow suitable for pregnant women with different sleeping positions?

Mums-to-be, Anini's Hugsie pregnancy pillow is your perfect dream companion! Whether you prefer side sleeping, back sleeping, or half-side sleeping, Hugsie can provide you with comfortable support, ensuring you have a sweet sleeping experience during pregnancy.

The Hugsie pregnancy pillow is made with soft, skin-friendly fabric and elastic filling, caring for your body's curves, relieving pressure, and helping you relax into sleep and wake up full of vitality!

Let Anini's Hugsie pregnancy pillow be your sleep buddy, offering you warmth, comfort, and peace of mind.

What should pregnant women pay attention to when using pillows?

The most important thing during pregnancy is to choose the right pillow. Anini's Hugsie pregnancy pillow, made of high-quality materials, is soft yet not easily collapsible, providing just the right support for pregnant mothers and relieving pressure on the back and waist. At the same time, Anini provides pillowcases for the Hugsie pregnancy pillow, allowing mothers to regularly change them and sleep healthily and comfortably.

What are the best pregnancy pillows in Australia?

When it comes to the best pregnancy pillows in Australia, the Hugsie brand selected by Anini is a must-mention. As a beloved pregnancy pillow brand in Australia, Hugsie has earned the trust of many expectant mothers. Each Hugsie pregnancy pillow is meticulously designed and expertly crafted, tailored specifically for the needs of pregnant women.

The main differences between baby sleeping bags and baby swaddles are what?

The main differences between baby sleeping bags and baby swaddles are:

  1. Functionality:
  • Sleeping bags are primarily used for warmth, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for babies.
  • Swaddles are used to wrap the baby's entire body, simulating the womb environment to help the newborn sleep soundly.
  1. Usage period:
  • Sleeping bags are suitable for babies 3 months and older.
  • Swaddles are suitable for newborns aged 0-3 months.
  1. Movement space:
  • Sleeping bags allow the baby's limbs to move freely, while the upper body is wrapped.
  • Swaddles wrap the entire body, restricting limb movement.

Anini's Hugsie Baby Silent Pouch Swaddle is an excellent baby sleeping bag product. Its unique butterfly-shaped design not only simulates the womb environment to help newborns sleep soundly, but also allows the baby's limbs to move freely. It can be said to combine the benefits of both sleeping bags and swaddles.

How to use a baby nasal aspirator?

When a baby's nose is blocked by mucus, a good nasal aspirator can be very helpful. The Chi Bo Ji baby nasal aspirator selected by Anini has a soft, transparent design, making it safe and reliable to use. Gently insert the aspirator into the baby's nostril and gently suction out the mucus, helping the baby breathe more easily.