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Fairia Laundry Detergent 500ml 【Baby & Family】

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This PH neutral, phosphate free laundry detergent is in the signature Kelly’s Garden aroma from Fairia. It can be used to wash all cottons, coloureds, whites, synthetics and blends. It’s safe for babies and all family members, included our furry friends.

  • Concentrated formula for up to 33 washes.
  • pH neutral and gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Infused with essential oils to reduce odour and leave a soft aroma.
  • Contains a dye transfer inhibitor to preserve colors.
  • Effective in removing tough stains.
  • Free from optical brighteners and phosphates for a gentle cleaning solution.



Handwash 15mL Stir laundry detergent into a bowl of warm water. Mix well with the water and immerse garment.
Regular Load 25-30mL Add laundry detergent to a washing machine. Select suitable cycle.
Heavy Load 50mL
Fairia Laundry Detergent 500ml 【Baby & Family】