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Hugsie Baby Comforting Pillow Cover - Cooling Touch

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  • This product is sold as a pillowcase only and is intended to be used with a maternity pillow.
  • Features excellent breathability, resistant to pilling, and maintains its shape well.
  • Designed for the baby's short rest periods; prolonged lying down or use as a bed is not recommended.
  • Hands-free Feeding Freedom:Designed for bottle feeding, allowing parents to relax their hand muscles and simplify childcare.
  • Reduce Milk Spillage with Inclined Design:The baby's esophagus is relatively short, and the unique design of the Shu Shu Pillow with varying heights helps reduce the chance of milk spillage during feeding. Due to the special shape of the maternity pillow, the Shu Shu Pillow is slightly inclined. In case of accidental milk spillage, it can flow out gently, preventing the baby from choking.
  • Conforms to Baby's Ergonomics with Intimate Enclosure:When the maternity pillow is wrapped around, the center of the Shu Shu Pillow will have a slight concave shape, creating a sense of being embraced for the baby and achieving a soothing effect.
  • Adult Supervision Recommended: When the baby uses this product, it should be accompanied by an adult. It is recommended for preventing milk overflow after feeding and for short naps. Prolonged lying down or using it as a bed is not recommended.
Usage Instructions
  1. Curve the Hugsie Maternity Pillow inwards to form a circular shape, ensuring that the ends do not overlap.
  2. Slip the Baby Comforting pillow cover onto the Hugsie Maternity Pillow from the higher point of the circular shape.
  3. Adjust the opening of theBaby Comforting pillow cover to fully cover the Hugsie Maternity Pillow.

Japanese Cooling Yarn: Utilizes Japanese-patented cooling yarn with a high Q-Max value of 0.245, offering a smooth and cool touch, ensuring the baby stays cool and comfortable day and night.

Cleaning Instructions

Japanese Cooling Pillow Cover: The pillow cover can be removed and washed. It is best to hand wash in cold water, do not soak, and avoid washing with other clothes. The cooling material is silky and dense. Do not rub it with a rough surface or sharp object (rough material rubbing, sharp nails or pet claws scratching) to avoid causing the yarn to hook up and adhere to dust.

Anini Baby*Australian Mother and Baby Collection_ Hugsie Baby Comforting Pillow Cover - Cooling Touch
Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲 Hugsie 寶寶安撫枕套【涼感白】
Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲 Hugsie 寶寶安撫枕套【涼感】
Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲 Hugsie 寶寶安撫枕套【涼感白】

Hugsie Baby Comforting Pillowcover Tutorial