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Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals

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  • The Anti-Mites variant exclusively utilizes a physical anti-mite fabric, free from any chemical additives.
  • Recommended by celebrities, affirmed by over tens of thousands of expectant mothers.
  • Registered for patents in multiple countries worldwide, featuring specialized ergonomic design.
  • Eight versatile functions, essential for both pregnancy and postpartum periods.
  • It helps alleviate discomfort during pregnancy and enhances the quality of sleep during this period.
  • SGS certified, entirely manufactured in Taiwan.
  • Pillowcase is removable and washable.
  • This product includes both the pillow core and the pillowcase, and additional pillowcases are available for purchase, allowing you to replace and maintain hygiene.
  • Comfort Series pillow core material: The surface fabric uses 3M water-repellent high-count knitted jacquard fabric, which has a rich and soft touch and good breathability. After 3M water-repellent treatment, the technological fiber water-blocking layer can effectively reduce the penetration of dirt and spilled milk. The inner fabric is made of cotton, which provides more elasticity and support.

  • Anti-mites Series pillow core material: The surface fabric uses physical mite-proof fabric, which has passed the TTRI mite-proof test. With exclusive micron-level weaving technology, the pore size is smaller than dust mites, achieving physical mite-proofing, effectively blocking dust mites from entering, and also easily water-repellent.

Suitable for those taller than 158 cm:

Normal Size: Width 45cm, overall length 170cm (diameter 135cm), thickness 20cm

Suitable for those shorter than 158 cm:

Small Size: Width 42cm, overall length 158cm (diameter 124cm), thickness 20cm

Cleaning Instructions
  • Pillow Core: It is recommended to regularly sunbathe and beat the pillow core. If it gets dirty, it can be washed with water and dried at low temperature. If drying is necessary, it is recommended to use a large dryer to avoid deformation due to squeezing.

  • 100% Cotton Pillow Cover: It is recommended to hand wash in cold water, or machine wash in a laundry bag.

  • Cooling Pillow Cover: The pillow cover can be removed and washed. It is best to hand wash in cold water, do not soak, and avoid washing with other clothes. The cooling material is silky and dense. Do not rub it with a rough surface or sharp object (rough material rubbing, sharp nails or pet claws scratching) to avoid causing the yarn to hook up and adhere to dust.
Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲 Hugise 美國棉孕婦枕 (動物塗鴉)
Anini Baby*Australian Mother and Baby Collection_ Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals
Hugsie Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton -Animals


The difference between Hugsie maternity pillow and moon-shaped nursing pillow

The Hugsie maternity pillow is designed for pregnant women to use during sleep. Therefore, it uses materials that are elastic and of moderate hardness, combined with an ergonomic patented design curve, which fits the body shape and pregnant belly more closely, reducing discomfort and improving sleep quality. The moon-shaped nursing pillow is mainly used to support the mother’s arm and baby during breastfeeding. The material is harder and the curve is singular. Therefore, there are differences in design and functionality between the two.