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Chi Bo Ji Vacuum Nasal Aspirator

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Color – Pink (Chinese)


  • User-Friendly Manual Control: The design of this handle pump enables parents to easily adjust suction intensity, providing a direct and effective solution for relieving baby nasal congestion. It ensures comfort and convenience during use.
  • Simple Operation, Sufficient Suction: It generates a "negative pressure vacuum," delivering ample suction to effortlessly clear both "thick and thin" nasal mucus. During suction, the hand applying force can sense the pressure inside the nasal cavity. If excessive pressure is felt, it is advisable to avoid forceful suction to prevent discomfort for the baby.
  • Gentle and Safe, Non-damaging to Nasal Mucosa: Unlike traditional nasal aspirators, the suction tip of the ChiBoJi Nasal Aspirator does not need to be inserted into the nasal cavity. This prevents accidental harm to the baby's fragile nasal passages during struggles or movements. The baby nasal aspirator with a handle pump features a hygienic design. The use of soft, medical-grade silicone (BPA-Free) ensures gentleness on your baby's delicate nostrils. Additionally, the detachable and washable components maintain a high standard of hygiene, offering peace of mind and comfort with each use.
  • Portable On-The-Go: The baby nose aspirator requires no batteries or electricity, making it highly portable for use anywhere. Whether at home or traveling, this nasal aspirator provides gentle and effective relief for your baby's nasal congestion without the need for power sources.
  • Durable and Versatile: The robust construction of the baby nasal aspirator and the additional silicone tip ensure a durable tool suitable for multiple children or passing on to friends and family. It caters to a wide range of age groups, from infants to toddlers, offering a versatile solution for parents seeking reliable nasal congestion relief.
  • Non-Electric, Noise-Free: Unlike electric aspirators, the manually operated ChiBoJi Nasal Aspirator is virtually silent. This allows for use without disturbing a sleeping baby or causing additional stress. While electric aspirators may offer convenience, they often come with the drawback of being noisy and potentially startling to babies.
  • Easy to Clean: Unlike traditional bulb-style nasal aspirators, which are difficult to thoroughly clean and prone to mold growth, the ChiBoJi Nasal Aspirator is easy to clean. After use, only the "front suction head" and the middle suction tube need cleaning. The rear piston section does not require cleaning, as it is internally lubricated. Cleaning the front suction head immediately after each use effectively prevents mucus from flowing back into the middle tube and rear piston, simplifying the cleaning process.

Contents: Nasal aspirator body x1, Nasal suction bottle x1, Silicone suction tube x1

Expiration Date: 5 years (store in a cool, dry place)

Origin: Taiwan

Age Range: 0 years and above

Important Notes:

The nasal aspirator is a medical device and should be used by parents. Allowing children to play with it may pose risks of accessory damage, breakage, or accidental swallowing.

This product is a personal hygiene item and does not qualify for return or exchange.


Plastic (PP+PS), Medical-grade PVC, Medical-grade silicone tube


15 cm x 20 cm,Net Weight: 190 grams

Cleaning Instructions

  • After use, rinse with water. Some accessories can be disinfected at high temperatures.
  • Cleanable and disinfectable accessories include the nasal suction bottle (rinse with water) and the medical-grade silicone tube (can be disinfected in boiling water, heat-resistant up to 100°C).
  • Unless necessary, it is not recommended to clean the hand-operated piston cylinder, as cleaning may remove internal lubricating oil, making operation difficult.
  • If lubricating oil in the piston cylinder is washed away, only edible oils such as olive oil or salad oil can be used as a lubricant substitute, and regular cleaning is advised.

Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲知母時吸鼻器_粉紅中文版包裝
Anini Baby*Australian Mother and Baby Collection_ Nasal Aspirator (Blue)
Chi Bo Ji Vacuum Nasal Aspirator
Chi Bo Ji Vacuum Nasal Aspirator
Chi Bo Ji Vacuum Nasal Aspirator
Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲知母時吸鼻器
Anini Baby*Australian Mother and Baby Collection_ Nasal Aspirator (Blue)
Anini Baby*澳洲母嬰精選_澳洲知母時吸鼻器_粉紅中文版包裝

How to use?


At what age can a nasal aspirator be used?

A nasal aspirator can be used for a baby at around 2 months old. However, there are also natural methods to help the baby clear nasal mucus. For example, bathing with slightly warmer water can allow the baby to inhale steam, not only improving nasal congestion but also humidifying nasal mucus and phlegm. Using the nasal aspirator afterward may yield better results.

Can infants use nasal aspirators?

When a baby has excessive nasal mucus, impacting their feeding, sleep, and daily routines, parents may consider actively using a "nasal aspirator." There are various types and forms of nasal aspirators, including simple infant nasal bulbs, oral suction types, manual types, foot-operated types, and electric-powered nasal aspirators. Electric nasal aspirators, in addition to quickly clearing nasal mucus for instant comfort, can also improve respiratory conditions and sleep quality. They have become an essential product for many parents at home.

How to Help a Baby with Nasal Aspiration?
  1. Moisten Nasal Passages: Before assisting your baby with nasal aspiration, it is essential to ensure that the "nasal passages are moist" to prevent causing damage to the nasal mucosa. The simplest way is to moisten the nasal passages with the steam during bath time and then perform nasal aspiration after the bath. Alternatively, before nasal aspiration, you can use a warm towel for moist compress, allowing the baby to inhale the warm steam. After moistening the nasal passages, proceed with the nasal aspiration.
  2. Sitting Position: Before aspirating nasal mucus, one parent should securely position the baby in a "sitting posture with a straight back." If the baby is a newborn and cannot sit yet, parents can assist in propping up the baby's upper body to facilitate the flow of nasal mucus.
  3. Try Different Angles: Once you start the nasal aspiration, it's important to be "quick, firm, and accurate" in extracting the mucus. Since babies often don't enjoy nasal aspiration and may squirm or resist, try different angles to find the most effective position for extracting the maximum amount of nasal mucus.
How many times can a nasal aspirator be used in a day?

Commercially available nasal aspirators provide mild relief, but it is advised not to excessively use them for your baby. It is recommended to use the nasal aspirator a maximum of three times a day—once upon waking, once before bedtime, and once at noon. "Warm Steam" makes nasal clearing more effortless: Bath time is the ideal moment for nasal clearing, utilizing the warm steam generated during bathing to clear the nasal passages. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in saline solution to gently wipe the inside of the nose.

For lubrication during the use of the ChiBoJi Nasal Aspirator:
  1. Only use sunflower oil or salad oil for lubrication to ensure the lifespan of the nasal aspirator.
  2. Apply the oil with a tissue or cloth to prevent excess oil from spilling.
  3. Before applying lubricating oil, it is essential to disassemble the nasal aspirator and clean any remaining oil residue inside.
Can the ChiBoJi Nasal Aspirator be sterilized?

After cleaning, be sure to apply lubricating oil! This product should not be placed in a sterilization pot as it may deform.