Collagen Beauty Essence 美顏飲-商品介紹

Collagen Beauty Essence 美顏飲-商品介紹















Nature Plant Polyphenols Preserving Collagen
Extracts nature plant polyphenols and Vitamin C among four super amazing planets:
Beetroot, Acerola Cherries, Figs and Hawthorn. One of the main reasons people take Vitamin C supplements is to boost the immunity, as Vitamin C is involved in many parts of the immune system.

Acerola Cherries, an exotic superfruit rich in Vitamin C about 8 times as much as Blood Orange and it promotes production of collagen within the body and aid in absorption of iron.

Nano Collagen Peptide [PO。OG] Proprietary formula from Japan
Collagen Beauty Essence contain 5,000 mg nano collagen peptide
[PO。OG] per serving. As part of important amino acid chain in the skin, nano collagen
peptide [PO。OG] is the key to create the beauty of the exclusive collagen essence.

Hydration Reaction a substance combines with Collagen
With state-of-the-art technology-Hydration reaction- Lao Xie Zhen research institute
fulfills an important role in this regard. For optimal benefits, choose one formulated with
collagen peptides, which are broken down into microscopic compounds that the body
can utilize more quickly to support collagen production.

No added but value-added
Many collagen supplements have fishy smell due to raw materials and technical
extraction differences.

Collagen Beauty Essence hold 5,000 mg nano collagen peptide [PO。OG] per serving. No added artificial flavorings or estrogen,100% plant extraction bring you the most natural beauty maintenance made your skin glow and white.

Your Beauty Time
Before breakfast-Start the day with beauty and vitality
After exercising-Revitalize muscles and connective tissues
Before bed-Wake up to a glowing complexion

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